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HOME 4 YOU is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data and is constantly making a public commitment to act in accordance with the national and European legislation in force and applicable;

The personal data of our clients is processed exclusively because it is necessary for the preparation of estimates, the execution and realization of contracts, the management of deliveries and the follow-up of orders, after-sales service, the fulfillment of legal obligations or because it has been agreed upon;

The personal data provided by the clients or generated by the use of the services or the purchase of goods, will be treated and stored by computer and are destined to be used by HOME 4 YOU for: marketing and sales, client management, accounting, fiscal and administrative management, management of disputes and, in general, the fulfillment of general obligations;

The treatment of data for marketing purposes will be carried out in accordance with the consent option expressed by the client. Such consent must be prior, free, informed, specific and unequivocal, and must consist of a written declaration, which may take the form of the validation of an option (agreement of the customer by request for a quote, offer, purchase order or invoice). Objection to the processing of data for marketing purposes can be made in writing at any time;

Personal data is kept for different periods of time, depending on the purpose, according to legal criteria, in accordance with the principles of necessity and minimization of the duration of conservation;

HOME 4 YOU may use subcontracting entities for the processing of personal data, namely for promotional campaigns, marketing, management of client accounts, billing, transportation of goods, delivery and after-sales service, accounting, conflict management, payroll, occupational health and safety services, etc., which entities are obliged to develop data protection measures and guarantee the protection of the rights of the data subjects.

If you have any questions, please contact INFO@H4Y.LU

All right holders have the right to file a complaint directly with the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR DATA PROTECTION.


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